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πŸ–Œ Big discount for Procreate users

Hi there, I'm Petra from friday supply. If you are using Procreate, you've probably made custom brushes already. If so, or if you're planning to make some money with creating and selling your own brushes, I have a great offer for you:

Everything you need to create Procreate brushes for only 39 USD

To make Procreate brushes, you need suitable shapes and seamlessly tileable textures. Painting and editing these files takes a lot of time. I know because I've been selling Procreate brushes for about 5 years now. And up to now, I've made over 2,000 Procreate brushes, which generate an average income of 2000 USD a month. Nearly passively. But, of course, I had to do the work before.

The Procreate Brush Maker Kit Volume 2 saves you many hours because it contains over 405 ready-to-use hand-painted shapes and textures. PLUS 14 white-label brush templates, a Getting-Started-PDF and the license to sell each brush you make without extra costs.

The Kit regularly costs 59 USD, but until Sunday (August 1st) you get a discount of 20 USD.

If this sounds interesting to you, hit the button below and take a look at the product in my Gumroad shop.

You can also find it on Creative Market HERE (but without discount).

Have a wonderful rest of the week
Petra Burger

Get the Kit for 39 USD only until Sunday

🫢🏽 Do you want to earn money with me?

πŸ–Œ Start making and selling your own Procreate brushes

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