The Faux Artist – 45 Procreate Brushes

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The Faux Artist – 45 Procreate Brushes

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Have you ever wanted to make a photograph look like a real painting? If so, these brushes are the perfect fit for you. You can faux-paint directly on the photograph (make a copy of the layer first) and get wonderful results in no time.

So, if you're working with Procreate already, this set of 45 brushes makes you not a real but at least a faux artist.

This product requires Procreate 5 on your iPad. You get a .brushset file with 45 brushes, which you can install easily with just a few clicks, directly on your iPad.


  • The set includes two kinds of brushes: There are brushes marked with a C. These brushes are those with color. Most of them will apply a little bit of the color you've selected but also use the photograph's substance. This means they take the color and structure of the picture you're painting on AND combine that with the selected color. The S brushes are those who don't (or barely) use the selected color. They only use (paint and smudge) the picture's substance.
  • Paint directly on the photo-layer: You have to directly paint on the picture layer and NOT on a blank layer. I recommend you to copy your original photo-layer two or three times before you start.
  • Always use the Paint tool, NOT the Smudge tool: To achieve the best results with this set of brushes, you need to use the Paint tool and not Procreate's built-in Smudge tool. The brushes are made for the use of the Paint tool and they have their own a built-in smudge effect.
  • Take some time to learn: Each brush is different, so, try them out to find out how exactly each brush works. It takes one or two hours to get a feeling of which brush to use for a certain look. Once you know that, you'll achieve great results in no time.


  • For realistic results, paint big areas with small hand movements.
  • Smooth and soften areas that are too detailed or that have too "hard" strokes with a smooth S-brush.
  • Paint in multiple steps so achieve an authentic look. Sometimes you have to overpaint the photograph two or three times with different brushes to get the look you want.
  • Paint the edges with for example the "S Oil" brush to make them look more natural.


  • Download the ZIP file and unpack it with your iPad
  • Just open the .brushset file ("with Procreate"; should be selected by default) and it'll be automatically installed in Procreate.
  • Go to Procreate and look for "The Faux Artist" brushes. Done.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us via email if you have questions: studio@friday.supply


You have to have the Procreate app (at least version 5) on your iPad installed AND you need an Apple Pencil or a competitive stylus to achieve good results. The brushes were made with an original Apple Pencil. We don't know how the results look like with a different stylus.

I want this!

You'll get a set of 45 Procreate brushes in a .brushset file. You NEED the app Procreate on your iPad (also required) installed and you need an Apple Pencil or a compatible stylus. We've tested the Apple Pencil with these brushes only.

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